Cost for teaching &tutoring services through the Golden State Network start at $35 per hour. Group rates are available



The network provides services in your home at a center or other place appropriate for study.

Contact us for a teacher or business in your area.


     Award Winning Services delivered by McColgan&Associates, INC

1)Trust: Our tutors and teachers are subjected to a full background check through the California Department of Justice.
2) Value:  We will always deliver an exceptional educational service that exceeds your expectations.
3) Leadership: Our tutors and teachers are supervised by a California certified and credentialed administrative team with 20 years of  educational and leadership experience in curriculum, instruction and assessment.
4) Research proves the number one factor that impacts academic achievement is a highly qualified instructor. Our goal is to provide an exceptional match for you by providing a highly qualified instructor .
5) Experience Counts: We are a provider of specialized instruction to California schools .
6) Our Teachers and Tutors in the *M&A and Golden State Network have gone through highly specialized training to become part of the network.

* The M&A consultant/teaching network and Golden State teaching/tutoring networks  and the information associated with them are proprietary.
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